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June 19, 20, 21, 22 & 23, 2019
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July 13, 2016 I've decided to remind myself of the many things I have to be grateful for and what better way than posting them on Facebook. So here goes: today I'm thankful for the beauty of life, mother nature's gifts and riding lawn mowers. July 14, 2016 Today I'm grateful for good parents who taught me about having faith in God. I'm also grateful for my friend, Amy Monk, pictured here with mom and dad. We've been friends for 40 years. And finally I'm thankful that my faith in God can bring hope and love into my life when it gets difficult. Thy will be done. Amen! July 15, 2016 Today I'm grateful for knowledge gained through life's lessons both the hard way and the easy way. I'm grateful for knowledge learned from my childhood and education. I'm also grateful to live in the land of the free and for all those who served to keep it that way. And one more thing, I'm grateful and truly blessed to have Jim Malone and Judy Malone in my life. Love you so much! July 16, 2016 Today I'm grateful for music: to hear it, sing along with it, create it, get lost in it, feel it and let it free my soul. I'm grateful for family, friends and fans that respect how important music is in my life. And I'm grateful for the unending strength God gives me and my loved ones. July 17, 2016 Today I'm grateful for memories. Those in my mind of life so far, the photographs and videos people like Chari Heldenbrand share on Facebook and the stories we can share with family and friends. I'm grateful for the subtle reminders that are always there of a life I once knew and family and friends gone on before us. Some memories I never want to forget, others I try to forget yet they make up my story. I'm grateful for every trial and tribulation that's tested my faith and I'm grateful for the countless blessings that have been bestowed upon me. And, I'm grateful for Bob Kenaston and his dog, now my dog, Spot. Oh yeah, and Buzz the cat! July 18, 2016 Today I'm grateful for two-cylinder John Deere tractors. This is a 1939 H and it's the first tractor ever bought and used on the Kenaston ranch. I'm honored to drive it and I'm grateful for a beautiful day to take it for a spin. It's one of those ever present reminders of days gone by and our history. I'm grateful for the skilled hands of my husband, Roger Kenaston, for knowing how to fix anything mechanical. And I'm grateful for a nice breeze and a shade tree to make the heat more bearable. July 19, 2016 Today I'm grateful for laughter and my odd sense of humor. My mother's nick name when she was young was giggles, and she was living proof that laughter is contagious. I miss hearing her burst out in laughter so hard she couldn't explain what was so funny. I do that sometimes but not as often as I should. I guess some things just aren't funny any more and I suppose we've all gotten a little desensitized from all we're exposed to in the media and on tv, etc. Anyway, I'm grateful for laughter and the memories I have of laughing with family and friends. Today's image is what reminded me of laughter. This 1948 Cadillac Sedanette that was converted into a pick up made me laugh. Oh the stories it could tell. I guess that also makes me grateful that I have an imagination and I try to look beyond my first impression to see the good in everything and everyone. I'd be even more grateful if more people would seek the good instead of the bad. July 20, 2016 Today I'm grateful for some material things, but nonetheless important things; air conditioning, ice and water. With the temperature reaching 104 today in the very dry sandhills, these things are most welcome after spending most of the day working outside at the ranch. I'm grateful that Roger and I were able to accomplish a few things despite the heat, but the best part of the day was sitting in the shade and having a water fight. He won, hands down, despite my best effort. That's because I had a water gun and he had the garden hose! I'm still grateful that we could have a little fun between chores and I'm grateful that it's supposed to cool off a bit now. In the meantime, I'm also grateful that none of Vanessa Kenaston 's critters died on my watch and that she made it safely home from Wisconsin. Here's a feisty little pheasant chick that wanted out this morning and ol' 211 having some breakfast. It's a regular petting zoo out there! July 21, 2016 Today I'm grateful for Roger Kenaston 's family and extended family. We gathered at the Brozik Family Cemetery near the buttes in rural Gregory, SD to say goodbye to a precious little girl we didn't get to meet, Kinsley Louise Armeda Brozik. Parents, Shelbi Lytle and Cody Brozik, lost their baby after Shelbi, our beautiful granddaughter, carried her for 39 weeks as healthy as can be. There's no explanation why things like this happen, but I'm grateful to know that God has a plan. It may not always be easy to understand, but that's why I'm grateful for the faith, hope and love it takes to get through this life, God's greatest gifts. Anyone that knows Roger's and Della N Gary Zimbelmann 's kids,(Bobbi Kenaston Lytle and Marty Kenaston), knows they are fantastic people, great parents and the most loving and caring people I've ever known. Bobbi would have been the best grandma ever but for now, she'll have to wait until God's plan changes again. I'm grateful that our family could come together, along with Cody's family, to help each other mend our hearts. Shelbi had a very difficult delivery both emotionally and physically and I'm grateful that despite her pain, she's well and healing. So, along with being grateful for the family, I cannot say enough how grateful I am to our Lord & Savior and all the prayers for our family. Here's a few scenes from the day. July 22, 2016 I'm grateful today that I've had one more day. Just one more day to be alive and continue being productive, positive and purposeful. Not everyone gets one more day. Not everyone can make it through one more day and I'm grateful that I'm strong and healthy enough to endure one more day today and if it's His will, many more days to come. Oh yeah, and I'm grateful for sports. I'm looking forward to the Olympics and football and volleyball season. This picture is a year ago when I was fortunate enough to go to the FIVB International Volleyball Tournament. It was the first time in 23 years of the organization to have a tournament in the US and it was in Omaha. I'm grateful I had this opportunity, and I'm grateful my friends Larry Doran & his wife Karen were able to attend as well. Team USA Rocks and they have several former Husker players on the team! Oh yeah! July 23, 2016 Every day I'm grateful for friendships. It's amazing how unpredictable they can be. Sometimes they develop over a long period of time and sometimes it takes a second. In the case of my dear friends, Carl & Marian Gann Whitt, we were instantly friends from the day we met as neighbors at Quiet Village II in Donna TX, just a few short years ago. I'm sorry to say that Carl passed away yesterday from a very aggressive type of leukemia. This is so sad for Marian and their family as they were so active and such a role model for happiness after more than 50 years of marriage. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Carl was Roger's biggest fan. He loved to hear him and watch him pick the guitar and he would sit in the front row at our shows or dances in Texas right in line with Roger so he could learn a new lick or two. I'm grateful we had a few opportunities to play music together and those memories will live on. It's difficult to know he's left this life, but I'm still so very grateful that we met. He always wore a big smile and was one of the sweetest guys I've ever known. Rest In Peace, Carl and we'll pick a tune together again when our time comes to cross that River of Jordan. Love you Marian Gann Whitt! I wish I could be there to hug you right now! July 24, 2016 Today I was reminded how much I appreciate and respect my elders. Their wisdom and experience should never be underestimated. I'm grateful for every person that ever took the time to share a story or life experience with me and allow me the opportunity to see the vast amount of knowledge and memories only age can create. Having said that, I'd be grateful if anyone could correctly identify what year make and model this grill is from. July 25, 2016 I'm grateful for the first sweet corn of the season. I'm grateful that the deer didn't eat my black Diamond watermelons that are growing so quickly in the garden and I'm grateful for future plans to play music with family and friends. And I'm grateful for all the dances I've had. July 26, 2016 Today I'm grateful for rain. Finally, keya paha county nebraska is getting some rain. I hope it doesn't quit any time soon. I'm also grateful that I have the wisdom to formulate my own opinions and the ability to realize not everyone wants to hear them. Here's a picture of the totally dry driveway at the ranch. It looked even worse today as this pic is from three days ago. Please, Lord, bring us more rain. Amen! July 27, 2016 I'm grateful that Roger and I had a safe trip home from the ranch today. Looks like there's lots of mowing to do at the lyons residence so I've come full circle from where i started my quest to be more grateful almost two weeks ago. I'm grateful that all dreams don't come true and I'm grateful that some do, some have and some will. I'm grateful for the Hawaiian hula girl Luana Stoneking gave Roger Kenaston who keeps us focused on what lies ahead. Wwweeeeeeeee! July 28, 2016 I'm grateful that my family and friends have continued to pray for Shelbi Lytle. She's in the hospital with additional and on-going complications from the very difficult delivery she had two weeks ago when she lost her precious baby girl, Kinsley. The emotional trama is difficult and to be dealing with the physical complications makes it that much more difficult for her. Bobbi Kenaston Lytle has never failed to be by her side and as you can imagine, the last two weeks have certainly taken it's toll on both of them. I'm grateful that these two beautiful women are in my life. This has been a test of fortitude, faith and family, but I'm grateful that they've held up as well as they have. Thanks for your continued prayers. Shelbi & Bobbi have had enough difficulties and your prayers have gotten them and all of us this far. For that I am grateful. I love this pic of both these girls. There's better days ahead, hang tough ladies! July 29, 2017 Today I'm grateful that Shelbi Lytle is being taken care of by doctors and nurses that can help her recover. It sounds like she'll be in the hospital til Sunday but hopefully she's on the road to getting well now. I'm grateful for Roger's garden tractor collection as it takes a fleet of them to get things done around the Lyons ranch and another fleet to keep things working in springview. They are handy and we both enjoy using them. I lost count at a dozen. I'm grateful Roger Kenaston is so talented at fixing them up and literally turning what others have thrown out into something useful. Here's today's fleet. July 30, 2016 I'm grateful that today was such a beautiful day. Roger Kenaston and I put a few miles on the old chevy with the top down. I know a few folks will want to know so I'll just tell you now that this is a 66 chevy impala. It was Roger's high school car and his dad insisted he keep it. For that I am grateful and so is Roger. It needs paint and roger seems to think a new motor but for now it's reliable for the few miles we drive it every summer. Wweee July 31, 2016 Today I'm grateful for the pathway of my life. For the past several months I've had an advertisement on craigslist to sell our 1948 GMC bus. Gosh, I guess we've had it for 20 years and oh the stories and memories we could share. I hate the thought of selling it, but I need the money and I don't need the bus. So, I'd like to introduce you to a new friend, Emily Kudlacz from Omaha. She inquired about the for sale ad and after coming to my house for a bus tour, she has simply fallen in love with it. It's what she's been looking for to fulfill her own life's purpose. She wants to travel in an old RV, living "green", helping all those she meets and providing education to anyone and everyone about the wholesome benefits of Yoga. For that, I am grateful. This little gal is full of energy and compassion and as much as I want to sell the old bus, I also want to sell it to someone that loves it as much as we did, with a vision for taking the best care of it, and that's what Emily plans to do. Take a minute to look at her "Yoga Gypsy Journey" story and if you'd consider helping her raise money to buy the bus, both of us would be eternally grateful for your support and contribution. Neither of us are asking for much and I greatly admire her passion and drive to make her dream a reality. So, thanks in advance for helping us sell the bus to Emily. Knowing she will cherish it and having developed a new friendship with this young lady is just one more thing for which I'm grateful. Check out these links to see Emily's dream and help us help her live that dream! GoFundMe: gofund.me/27xprd34 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogagypsyjourney/ August 1, 2016 Today I'm grateful that my weekend was productive so I could take time today to run some errands and take care of business. I stopped in to have a hydro massage and adjustment from Creekwood Chiropractic in West Point, NE where Dr. Chelsie Englund does great work. For that I'm grateful. After returning home, I put my feet up for a bit with ice on my back (per Doc's orders) and had a nice visit from Buzz the cat and Spot the dog. I guess my furry friends were glad to see me and for that I'm grateful. I'm also grateful for this snapshot Roger took recently. He sent it to me via text message saying, "My battery croaked". LOL! For that I'm grateful! August 2, 2016 I'm so grateful for all the birthday wishes. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to think of me. I'm grateful to have a large family and today I ran to Denison, ia to visit my uncle gene and aunt Mary Ellen Putnam Harre. It was a lovely visit and there's something about being with family that you've known you're whole life that's comforting. My aunts and uncles have become more like parents since both my parents are gone. I'm grateful that I could have lunch with Luana Stoneking and Stoney and Eldon Hardekopf and Pat. What a nice visit that was also. I even had a birthday cake! Roger made birthday supper and now I'm having watermelon with the best birthday present ever : a smile on a stick! Thanks Stoney! I'm a very grateful birthday girl! August 3, 2016 Today I'm grateful that I had a chance to get caught up on a lot of little tasks that needed taken care of. I'm also grateful that there's a little part of me that still loves Snoopy. He's always been my favorite. Here he is setting in my little chair that's almost as old as I am. I'm grateful that my mother kept it all these years and I'm fairly certain most of my nieces and nephews probably sat in it at one time or another. August 4, 2016 I'm grateful that I'll be playing music with Roger Kenaston and Vanessa Kenaston at the Burt County Fair tomorrow, August 5, 2016. We're on at 7 pm til about 8:30 pm and it would be great to see you there! I'm also grateful that the weather is going to cool off with less humidity for the gig tomorrow. In addition to that, I'm grateful that I have quite a lot of patience. My mother instilled that in me and even when she wasn't well and suffering from Frontal Temporal Dementia, she was always patient, even when she probably shouldn't have been. Patience is a virtue and I'm grateful that I've an abundance of it when needed most of the time. I love this little quote and if you're lacking in patience, as I think most of us are at one time or another, read it, digest it, and let it impact the world around you. August 5, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a beautiful night at the burt county fair. Played some music, saw some friends, met some fans of RFD-TV, and enjoyed the freedom of our land. For just one day, that's a lot to be grateful for! Thanks to Mitch Kephart Donnette Kephart for driving over for a listen! It's always great to see you. August 6, 2016 I'm grateful for my very large family on both my parents sides. Mom was one of 12 children and my dad was one of 15. Today the Harre family Reunion was held in my hometown of Exeter ne. Regretfully I wasn't able to attend but I'm grateful for the pictures some family members shared. My cousin, Kristy Paulus Perkins, shared this list of birth order of all 63 first cousins. There are still 60 of us remaining. I'm grateful to have 10 of my dad's siblings, 8 of which were able to attend today's reunion. No matter what the world deals me, knowing my family is strong, loving and supportive gives me strength and comfort. For that I'm grateful. August 7, 2016 How could I be anything but grateful that Roger Kenaston planted me some purple peppers! This photo does not really show the real color so believe me when I say they are purple! And I'm grateful for all 554 United States Of America Olympians. Go Team USA! August 8, 2016 I'm grateful that today was a safe trip from northeast to north central nebraska. The Niobrara river valley is quite picturesque after some recent rain. I'm grateful that I've seen a lot of this country's beautiful landscape having traveled in all lower 48 states looking at the world through a windshield with Roger. From the painted desert to Napa Valley to the eastern seaboard, along many miles of coastline, rivers, steams, mountain ranges and more, I'm grateful to have learned so much about each state and the rules of the road. As I rode along today, with spot on my lap most of the way, I noticed the healthy soy bean fields as the wind blew across them; not "amber waves of grain" but green fields of beans". My daily effort to be more grateful is something everyone should try. Take time to smell the roses friends! August 9, 2016 I'm grateful that I don't always have issues with technology as I have tonight. I'm grateful the rain a few days back brought the green back to the grass and that same rain helped Vanessa's hay and pasture. There's lots more to be grateful for and tomorrow's another day. I'll post a pic of my beautiful black Diamond watermelon then. Cathy Clock - what a difference from last time I posted a pic from the ranch! August 10, 2016 As promised, here's two black Diamond watermelons that are about the size of a soccer ball and one that's a bit bigger than a softball. There's at least one more bigger one and likely several more small ones as it's a huge vine. I'm grateful that we can plant a seed in the ground, give it some tlc and it provides food. Fascinating, isn't it? I'm also grateful to find hanging on the wall at the kenaston ranch this plaque of recognition presented to the bob kenaston family by Ntcma Bob Everhart in 1981 in memory of Janet (Jerome Porter) porter's father. I'm grateful for a thing called loyalty that has allowed decades to pass with so many of our same friends still present in our lives. August 11, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a cool down after .6" of rain last night at the ranch. I'm grateful to have resurrected a grill so we can have dinner without driving back to town. This is sandhillbilly lunch ala carte on the cart. Sometimes we have to rough it a bit but today we had steak aka Ranch burgers in beef country! I use the hood of Tesa E Heldenbrand's favorite caddy as my countertop! Yep, lots to be grateful for! August 12, 2016 A few days back I posted about being grateful for the gentle reminders of loved ones gone on before. I noticed this writing a few weeks back when Jimmy Hansen loaded this tractor to do some repairs. I'm grateful that Roger Kenaston now has this tractor on the "runs like a champ" list, thanks to Jimmy, and I'm grateful for this little reminder that bob kenaston smiles down on us as we put it to work at the ranch. Thanks for the new tire pops! For that I'm grateful. August 13, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a beautifully diverse day in the Sandhills. RogerKenaston and I took the short drive across country to nephew JesseHeese's place this morning. I enjoyed crossing through free range pastures where the road is not made for high speed traffic but merely as a way to move cattle and equipment from one ranch to the next; auto gates, cow pies and washouts along the way. I'm grateful I was able to help Jesse and his dad, Dale, assemble blinders that are likely now installed on over 1000 young pheasants to prevent them from pecking each other. I'm grateful for another great dinner from the grill consisting of ham and beans, right out of the cowboy 101 manual. And I'm grateful for the heirloom tomato that we enjoyed along with it. There's always a certain amount of contemplation that needs to be done every day in order to make progress around here. I'm grateful to be able to help Roger with this long-term sorting, cleaning, selling, repairing and restoring project and even though I'm not much help, I know he's grateful as well. For that I'm even more grateful. It's only through gratefulness that I'm able to find strength and motivation sometimes so thanks for allowing me to share this with you every day. I've had fun at this and it really has made me appreciate all there is to be grateful for. Be certain to read the description on each pic if you have time. August 14, 2016 There's so much to be grateful for today I really don't even know where to start. I've taken a lot of pictures so perhaps it might make sense to be grateful for my smartphone and its camera. After yesterday's post, Roger had to do some wrenchin'. It's not always on cars, sometimes it's 25 feet up in the on a power pole. I'm grateful that he was able to safely reattach the cable that got pulled lose by a dead tree. I'm grateful for just enough cell phone service to make this post, so now you can enjoy more pictures and their descriptions. August 15, 2016 The last thing i did before leaving the ranch today was to snap a few interesting pics of more old stuff. I'm grateful for the knowledge that Bob Kenaston passed down to Roger. He knows most of the stories about the old cars and tractors his dad collected and thankfully he also knows how they work, how to fix them, what work they've had done and what work they still need. I'm grateful that I have a respectable amount of mechanical aptitude as well, thanks to my farm girl upbringing. I'm grateful that Roger Kenaston and I were able to cross paths with Marty Kenaston in Bassett. He was working and we were on our way home so it was a brief chat but it's always good to see marty's smile. The heirloom tomatoes I posted pics of the other day are Russian Black Krim. We picked all that were ripe before we left the ranch so marty got to enjoy a fresh picked tomato in the parking lot with his lunch! I'm grateful to be back at my home with my feet up in my favorite chair which I miss when I'm away. And, I'm grateful to have 4G phone service again. Enjoy a few of today's pics. August 16, 2016 As my quest continues to find more gratefulness, I've become more aware of the vastness that is my own little world. Certain experiences and reminders of people places and things consist of much that I'm grateful for and those things are often from extreme to another; young and old, near and far, now and then, before and after. Today, after one night at home, Roger and I are heading out on our next adventure. It's a vacation of sorts as tomorrow we're going to the Iowa state fair and then on to Knoxville ia for a music festival this weekend. Being with friends is one thing I'm always grateful for and I always look forward to. I'm also grateful that i have a good sense of direction. Ya know, north, south, east and west. For many years I've told Roger (as a joke) "stick with me, I'll take you places!" It's funny how we never really knew what direction we'd end up going but we haven't gotten totally lost yet. With deep contemplation about the vastness of my life, I'm grateful to just be here, now, with much to look forward to no matter which direction I go. August 17, 2016 I'm grateful for an awesome day at the Iowa state fair with some of my favorite people on the planet, Stoney and Luana Stoneking, Pat and Eldon Hardekopf and of course Roger Kenaston. The best part is yet to come as Marty Stuart and the fabulous superlatives are going to entertain us in a few minutes! We're hot, sweaty and have walked nearly 7 miles today and have only seen a small share of all that is a part of this event. But, I'm grateful for the chance to be here. More fun yet to come and I'm grateful to be able to look forward to it! Wish you were here! August 18, 2016 I'm grateful that my friends have arrived safely to Knoxville ia for music and fun. I'm grateful for the sore muscles from walking nearly 10 miles at the fair yesterday. And I'm grateful that my dear friend is kind enough to give Roger and i a cool place to rest tonight. I'm tired from the big day yesterday but I'm grateful to have had the chance to enjoy a few of the things that make our country great! Pictures on tomorrow's post. Night! August 19, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a good time with many musician friends in Knoxville ia. We played music this morning with Patricia Sharman and Steve head. Then this afternoon with several others. Here are a few pictures of today's events. I'm always grateful for these folks and all the dedicated fans of live music. I'm also grateful that the rain has held off so we can finish the evening show. August 20, 2016 Today I'm grateful for simple pleasures; old songs, good friends, leftovers that still feed a group, home grown tomatoes and delightful conversations with strangers. I'm grateful for the talent of rhythm and timing which is the sole reason I play bass and drums. I'm grateful to so many friends that give so freely of themselves and their time, skills and talents. And I'm grateful to have hope that those people know how much I love them. August 21, 2016 Today I'm grateful for some rest. There's a new week ahead with many projects in the works so a quiet Sunday night is appreciated. I'm grateful for this advice I took a picture of that was hanging in a restaurant today. I love the last line, "drink deeply from the well of life". I'm grateful to have found the inner strength and focus to view things from this different perspective. I've grown so tired of negativity and criticism that my own pursuit to avoid those things has made me happier and more content. Taking time to post my gratitude every day is fulfilling and I'm grateful for all the encouraging responses I've gotten. August 22, 2016 Today I'm grateful for my age, 47. I've been fortunate to experience many things in my life so far, some good, some not, but for all of them I'm grateful. I'm not so young that I'm naive about the ways of the world anymore. I've loved and lost, cried tears of joy and extreme sadness, seen times of peace and war, witnessed many changes and I've lived during a time of technological advancement that today's youth takes for granted. I've experienced a lot but perhaps most importantly I've learned from my elders and for that I'm grateful. Not all that long ago, people crossed country in a covered wagon. Today we do everything in such a rush that we fail to understand much of what life has to offer. Because of my age, I'm grateful that I can appreciate the pace things are today and the pace things used to be. I still recall our party line phone number, 266-5649, and our ring was a long and three shorts. Yep, I'm grateful for my age. This picture was taken in 1972. I was 3, Janice Harre Picard was 7. I believe Mom made these dresses probably for Easter. My how many things have changed in this world since then. I'm grateful to have lived then and now. August 23, 2016 Well, today I'm grateful that my home is a safe shelter from the storms in the area. I know there has been some wind damage near here which makes me grateful it missed us. I'm grateful for love at first sight and friendships that last. I'm grateful for forgiveness and acceptance. I'm grateful for every broken heart I've had which indicates how deep my feelings can be. And I'm grateful to everyone who has ever had to pick up the pieces of each of those broken hearts. I'm grateful for Janis Gustafson, my dearest friend, who knows my mind, my heart and my soul better than anyone else. Thank God for you, Jan, I've always known you are my earth angel. August 24, 2016 Today I'm grateful for my sister in law, Vanessa Kenaston who'd better be babying my black diamond watermelons and tomatoes at the ranch! (Hint hint!) I'm grateful for the understanding that comes from others who know me and accept me no matter what and I'm grateful that I'm fairly good at spelling and grammar. Sometimes a reminder that we are all brave, strong and smart is a good thing so for this picture, I'm grateful. August 25, 2016 Today I'm grateful for the view from my home office windows. The buses are in sight looking out my East window and it makes me grateful for the numerous trips we've made in both of them. We've certainly gathered a lot of memories in being bus owners for 20 years. Looking out my South window is the front porch with the flower boxes where Buzz likes to take his morning and afternoon naps. I can see folks driving by from both views and I can usually recognize the sound of Roger's truck before it even comes into view. So, for good hearing, I'm grateful as well. The road to the East is at the bottom of the hill and road to the South is at the top of the hill. I'm grateful for the peace and beauty of living in the country. Days like this, it's good to have a window to gaze out in contemplation of life's ups and downs. My heart aches for my family who suffered an unexpected loss today. I'm grateful that my faith in God gives me strength and understanding and I'm grateful that I believe my prayers of comfort reach those who need it. Love, hugs and prayers to Brittany DeVall Heyden, Clifford, Bailey, Mia, Vanessa Kenaston, and all of the Heyden family and friends. August 26, 2016 Today I'm grateful that I have a brand new great, great niece, Zailee Sharon Barbur. (Could she be named after me? Maybe! I'd like to think so but I haven't asked! LOL!) Great, great grandpa is my brother Gary, his daughter Melinda Harre is grandma and her daughter, Megan is the new mommy. The family tree has a few more branches all the time and for that I'm grateful. I'm also grateful that my sister, Janice Harre Picard, and her hubby are coming for a visit very soon. That will be a nice change of pace around here. I'm grateful for all the folks who have been getting ready for the 41st Annual National Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars. That's what's next on the agenda and we're looking forward to being with friends for a few days, playing and hearing a lot of great music to. For that I'm very grateful. I hope all my friends are prepared for the ultimate jam, because there hasn't been one in way too long. Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to be grateful yourself. You've been blessed with life, try to make the best of it! Congratulations to my brother, niece and great niece on the arrival of Zailee Sharon! Love to all! August 27, 2016 I'm grateful that buttercup and hickel came for a visit yesterday and today. They never fail to bring lots of laughter into the house and for that I'm grateful. I'm grateful for frozen pizza on a Saturday night since I didn't feel like cooking. I'm grateful for football season and especially husker volleyball season which I am looking forward to enjoying often this fall. I'm grateful for David Ball and his music. Listen to "I'll Never Make It Through This Fall". It's one of my favorites. I'm grateful for youtube and the ability to live stream kwmt online and I'm grateful for Dale and Caroline Eichor. August 28, 2016 Today I am grateful that I obtained an Associate of Arts degree in accounting last fall. I completed a 2 year degree in 2 years due to a lot of hard work and a lot of support from family and friends; for that I'm grateful. Not many knew that I was a full time student during that time. I'm looking forward to the music festivals this fall since I won't have to worry about studying and for that I'm grateful. I never attended College after I graduated from high school so I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity later in life and I'm very thankful for all my friends who encouraged me throughout. I'm grateful my dedication was recognized by being named to the Dean's list every semester and being a proud member of Phi Theta Kappa. August 29, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a safe trip home from LeMars, ia in heavy rain. I just made a quick trip there to deliver Don Taft's golf cart. Roger Kenaston and I should both be there by tomorrow evening with the bus. I'm grateful for Don Taft. He's been a friend in music for many years and over those years we've shared a lot of time, music and memories, mostly at festivals. He's admirable in many ways and I'm always so grateful at how much of a gentleman he is. That's a rarity among the younger generations today and I'm grateful to have lived during a time when men respected women much differently than they do today. I'm also grateful for all the comments I've received on my last post and all previous posts. Thanks for being my Facebook friends, for you, I'm grateful. August 30, 2016 Today I'm grateful to be following the bus to the Ntcma Bob Everhart festival in Lemars ia. We actually made it safely a few hours ago and had time to play a few tunes and see lots of friendly faces. I'm grateful for all the memories I have of this festival going back to Avoca in 1987 which was the first one I attended. I haven't missed one since. Many friendships have remained over those years like Max Cooley who was here picking a few tunes with us tonight. For max and so many others I'm grateful. It's also worth mentioning that the bus is running fine. It made it to wahoo in June and after a bit more fine tuning, here we are and for Roger's hard work in doing the necessary repairs, I'm grateful. For the serenity of the midnight hour, I'm grateful. For being a night owl, a gift from the Miller side of the family, I'm grateful. Have a great rest of the week and be grateful! August 31, 2016 So today I'm grateful for so many things. Music. Simple, great songs of the past that you don't often hear that are so refreshing to my heart and my ears. I'm grateful for some new friends I've met, young musicians like Justice Ross, an outstanding 12 year old guitar picker from Missouri. I'm grateful for fans of our music and those that feel moved enough to telling us they appreciate what we do. I'm grateful for our ever present friends that are always there in the crowd and who feel comfortable enough to just be with us doing what we do, playing, telling stories, sharing meals, or just chatting and joking. I'm grateful for music festivals and the joy they bring to the world and for the amazing gifts God had given us to play, hear and sing. I'm just simply grateful! September 1, 2016 Today I'm grateful for many laughs and songs with friends. It's my time at night (2:15 am) when the day is done and I can rest with a smile on my face for all that I have to be grateful for. I'm grateful for Jeannie and Francis M. Hahn and all they have done for us and the music. I'm grateful for David Elifrits for helping us out on gigs more times than I can count over the years. I'm grateful for so many wahooligans and south Texas friends that just simply enjoy life and each other. We're a close-knit group and for that I'm grateful. I'm grateful that my face hurts from the laughs and smiles as we celebrated my dear friend, Luana Stoneking's birthday. I'm grateful for Mark Alan Jenkins and his never ending ability to make us laugh out loud. I'm grateful Vanessa Kenaston arrived safely for a much deserved break from hard ranch work and I'm grateful it's only early Friday morning so we can enjoy more days of fun! September 2, 2016 I'm grateful that one day I stopped, took a look around me, realized how fortunate I am, then started writing and sharing it with my Facebook friends. I've changed because of it. I find myself taking one day at a time. I often stop to recall what it is that I'm grateful for throughout the day. I didn't know I would still be doing this as that first post was just a simple thought I had but I'm grateful it's turned into something that others enjoy and use for inspiration. I'm grateful for another great day of music, fun and laughs. I'm grateful that Bobbi Kenaston Lytle was able to surprise her dad and join us for music and fun. I'm grateful for cherished memories of loved ones whose presence in my life made me who I am today. I honor them all every chance I get. My heart is full. September 3, 2016 I'm grateful for several days of great musical variety shared with friends old and new. We made more memories which is always something to be grateful for. My ambition for the week was to have the ultimate jam and I would say we had about 5. It was great to pick with Art Peterson, Clark Kinnison, Mark Buckingham, Mark Alan Jenkins, Angel Reed Kucera, James Reed, Mike and Tesa E Heldenbrand, Donnie Miller, Frank Tuma, David Elifrits to name a few! I'm grateful for the entire rowdy bunch and I'm grateful to see them all having fun on the dance floor dancing to songs they've heard us do over and over again. Me and Spot are going to get under the covers now. September 4, 2016 I'm grateful that Marty Kenaston, Jennifer Fitch Kenaston and all their lovely girls took time to stop in to lemars today and it was a special treat that jen, Ali and linny sang a song on our last show. I'm grateful to Ntcma Bob Everhart, his wife Sheila and all the volunteers and fellow musicians for giving us a place to perform, be with family and friends and for continuing an event that supports live music that we love. I'm grateful for the plans we have to look forward to in days to come and for one night to rest in my own bed before more adventures begin tomorrow. I'm grateful for God and the many blessings he's bestowed upon us. September 5, 2016 I'm grateful I was able to get the laundry done and the yard mowed today after a good night's post festival rest. I'm grateful for new memories made this past weekend that won't soon be forgotten. I'm grateful that Facebook keeps me in contact with family I don't often see. Right now my aunt Sharon's family needs prayers and my uncle Gene's family needs prayers for peace and healing comfort. Having a large family is a blessing I'm grateful for and I know we'll be there for each other always. I'm grateful for the peace that knowing that brings me. And I'm grateful that my Facebook friends like buzz the cat. He's glad his master is home! Buzz's friend McCann is happy to but since he's the dumbest cat in the world, he's always happy. No matter, I'm grateful both of them were home waiting in the garage when we got here yesterday. September 6, 2016 Today I'm grateful for Dwyatt and Evie Loggins, Stoney and Luana Stoneking, and Royce and Mary Ann Kollbaum. They give of their time and hospitality to support our music and to be such great and loyal friends. They are hard working, knowledgeable and inspirational. I'm grateful to have many friends so willing to share life with me and my family and friends. I'm grateful for the Sandhills and I'm grateful for the beauty of a windmill turning in the fall breeze and gently pouring water into its livestock tank. I wasn't able to get a picture today because I was driving but I'll try again tomorrow. I'm grateful for today. I'm sad for my aunt Sharon's family as I know how hard it is to lose your mother. God be with them and anyone who's hurting because of this loss. I'm grateful for my life experience that has made me better at dealing with grief. I'm grateful for the love and strength of the Harre family during difficult times. September 7, 2016 Today I'm grateful that the heater hose connection on the suburban held together long enough to not leave us stranded on the side of the road and I'm grateful once again that Roger is so skilled at auto mechanics and fixing anything and everything. I'm grateful my friends built a new step where I needed it and I'm grateful for dinner and supper with friends who did the cooking and the dishes. Some way I'll provide something in return for their kindness and generosity. I truly am blessed with many friends and loved ones to be grateful for. I'm grateful for my guardian angel whom looks out for me constantly and I'm grateful for unending love. September 8, 2016 I'm grateful for thunderstorms that roll across the Midwest and nurture the land with rain. I'm grateful for familiar things in far away places like these pictures of our Ol' Pal, Sherwin Linton, on the wall at Frank Day's Museum, Lounge and Fine Dining in Dallas, South Dakota. I'm grateful for the mind's ability to imagine what life was like 100+ years ago when proprietors had booming businesses in various places across the Prairie. I'm also grateful for the industrial revolution and technological advancements. I'm grateful my friends are so receptive to new adventures and I'm grateful for today's accomplishments. September 9, 2016 I'm grateful for having a good understanding of the simple way of life. I'm grateful for my lyons home. I'm grateful to have roger's mother's place to stay when needed while we continue to sort and organize the generations of things roger's dad collected. I'm grateful for the bus so I have a home away from home when needed. I'm grateful to have all these places to lay my head comfortably, all stocked with the necessities of a simple life. Some would say I've got nothing yet others would say I've got a lot. All that matters is that I'm grateful for what I have and I believe i have way more than I need of nearly everything. I'm also grateful I didn't spill this spot remover on the dog, Spot. I'd hate for him to disappear! Maybe I should look into some hair remover instead. He needs a haircut! September 10, 2016 Today I'm grateful for the family resemblance between Roger and grandson, Shelden Lytle. I had never seen pictures of Roger at this age so I'm grateful I found this one and a few others today. I'm grateful for a Husker win today. I'm grateful for a good time at carlock tonight and what a wonderful surprise to have big john and Connie Pedersen there! I'm grateful for all of the rowdy bunch and their associates! I'm grateful for old pendulums that tick as they swing and remind me of my grandfather who was a clock maker and jeweler. I'm grateful for peace, tranquility and serenity after a long day and week. September 11, 2016 Today I'm grateful for displays of patriotism on the 15 th anniversary of the most horrific terrorist event on US soil. I'm grateful for the citizens of this country that believe "United We Stand" is more important than any self serving protest against other citizens. I'm grateful for those that serve and protect and I'm grateful for those who give their time to make the world a better place by volunteering. I'm grateful for those who fight and have fought for this country. I'm grateful I can rest at night feeling safe thanks to those men and women who served, and my gratitude for them pales in comparison to their sacrifices. I'm grateful we haven't forgotten 9.11.01 and I'm hopeful the world will have less hate and more love from this day on. September 12, 2016 I'm grateful to be among friends at the Davis County Country Music Festival. I'm grateful to be camping at Bloomfield with the bus again for what is sorta like a vacation for Roger and I . I'm grateful for the first Monday night jam session I've had in awhile. I'm grateful some of the most talented and respected musicians I know allow me an opportunity to play music with them. Thanks Jerry L Virden Jr., Renee Virden, Bobby Jacks, Kathy Mary Jacks for a fun time already this week. I'm looking forward to more tunes ahead. I'm grateful for memories I've made at this festival over the years that are so deep in my heart. I'm grateful for all the new friends we've made here over the years and I'm grateful for those who are kind enough to travel to the Wahoo country music show that met us at this festival. I'm so, so grateful for my extended musical family and musical friends and I cannot imagine what life would be like without them. I'm simply grateful! September 13, 2016 I'm grateful for friendships that blossom over time with very little effort. I'm grateful for friendships that seem to bloom over night. I'm grateful for friends that I've known for a long time and yet I still discover new reasons to love them even more each time we get together. I'm grateful for easy, casual conversations and the joy I experience as I get to know someone. I'm grateful for eye contact, facial expressions and body language that sometimes speaks louder than words. I'm grateful for the human existence and I'm grateful for my cousin, Allison 'Michl' Bitz's, shared reminder that life should be more about wholesomeness and less about happiness. September 14, 2016 I'm grateful that today ended with a few tunes among friends followed by enlightening conversation and a little play time with this silly Boxer, Sam. He's got a face that only Bobby Jacks and Kathy Mary Jacks can love! Lol! I'm grateful for a nice day to relax more than I've had a chance to in a long while. I'm grateful for the clarity that comes to mind when discussing ideas and thoughts with others who care. I'm grateful for a banjo lesson from my pal, Darin Manson, and I'm grateful for having the sense to know no one wants to hear a peson practice the banjo. I'm grateful for so many that still love traditional country music and bluegrass and I'm grateful to all of those who continue to support live music events and the musicians that make them possible. And I'm grateful that when I wake up, it'll be time to see more friends and play more music! September 15, 2016 I'm grateful that so many friends and family remembered Roger Kenaston for his birthday. The Virdens and the Jacks had a perfect cake made to order to help celebrate. Thanks so much to them and to all the others who were kind, loving and giving today as always. I'm grateful we were able to get a few tunes played with Steve Head and Patricia Sharman under the shade tree. That was fun! So many songs, so little time. Without going into a great amount of detail, I lost my dad when I was 31 and my mom when i was 38. Until today I had almost forgotten the unconditional support they gave me always. I was reminded when I saw some of my dearest friends today, in the crowd, in support of my music, proudly telling others about wahoo and other events, looking out for me and taking care of things for me without hesitation. My parents have been gone a while but I'm so, so grateful for all those who have stepped in over the years to serve as my honorary mom and dad. Not only am I grateful, but truly honored that others would be so supportive of me that I'm reminded of my amazing parents. There's really no way they can know how grateful I am. On a bit of a lighter note, I'm grateful for a beautiful full moon tonight. It seems to generate special moments every time it comes around. With tears that fall from my eyes, but come from my heart, I'm grateful for everything God had given me. September 16, 2016 Today I'm grateful for one statement that was made by Darin Manson at this mornings banjo workshop, "We're all in this together". I've been saying this statement for many years and it applies to life and all of life's details. Darin used it to encourage banjo students to learn from other banjo players and it reminded me how grateful I am to have so many musician friends that truly want to encourage and support others without competitiveness. I have tried to see life in general as "we're all in this together". Isn't it true? No matter how much diversity there is among us, we all have a purpose, "we all put our pants on one leg at a time", (as my dad used to say), and at the end of the day the world is a better place because of the things we do for others. I'm grateful to know so many others who understand that. I'm grateful for the 45 th annual Davis County Country music festival and all the great folks that support it and participate in it. I'm grateful for those who promote live music events and all those who encourage new people to attend. I'm grateful for the fun I've had here so far and I'm grateful I have another day to enjoy time and music with my Friends! September 17, 2016 Once again I'm grateful for a Big Red win and I'm so proud to be a husker fan. Their remembrance and honor of Sam Foltz is a demonstration of great respect and a team with a lot of spirit and heart. Thanks to Oregon for being a class act as well. I'm grateful for a busy week ahead so hopefully i won't have to suffer from post festival depression for very long. I'm grateful for new friends that say goodbye with "see you in wahoo". I'm grateful for music, laughter, meals, fun and love among friends. I'm grateful for a comfy bed in the back of the bus that seems to be calling my name after 8 hours of continuous playing yesterday and nearly 7 today! Night! September 18, 2016 I'm grateful for a series of cat naps that got me through the day. Speaking of cats, I'm grateful McCann is ok after spending six unplanned days in the laundry room with no food or water. He's supposed to be an outside cat. He was just sleeping on the dryer when we got home which was apparently where he was when we shut the door last Monday. Buzz was glad to see Roger. Meanwhile, McCann just went into the garage, ate a few bites of food and proceeded to rub against Spot like usual. I'm grateful for cats and dogs. I'm grateful for Jim Malone and terry juhl (Bev Juhl) for keeping me supplied with sleep apnea supplies and equipment. I'm grateful I stayed up till 3 this morning after playing music 7 straight hours then chatting with friends; but I'm not so grateful that the power went out in the bus at 6 am which is a bit inconvenient when you're exhausted from several days of picking and grinning and need a CPAP machine to sleep. So, that's why I'm grateful for the cat naps. I'm grateful for my small town doctors for numerous reasons. I'm grateful I don't have to get up early in the morning but most likely will because I need more than a cat nap tonight and am actually considering hitting the hay shortly. I'm grateful for a safe trip home for Roger and I and our friends. I'm grateful for Facebook and the numerous ways we have to communicate with everyone as a follow up to a fun filled week in Iowa. September 19, 2016 I'm grateful that wounds heal, whether they are broken hearts or broken bones, time has a way of healing. I'm grateful for the scars that are sometimes left behind that serve as a reminder that God's healing is a miracle and gift of His life. I'm grateful that my aches and pains are minimal after some much needed rest. I'm grateful for a productive day and I'm grateful for future plans that help keep me motivated. I'm grateful for the bountiful harvest of tomatoes, butternut squash and peppers from the Lyons garden and I'm looking forward to checking in on my Black Diamond watermelons at the ranch garden in a few more days. I'm grateful for Frazier reruns that I still find entertaining between midnight and 3 am on the Hallmark Channel and I'm grateful I'm able to use that as an escape from disturbing news broadcasts and politics. September 20, 2016 I'm grateful for a cupboard and freezer that are generally well stocked with food so I can get away without buying groceries every once in awhile. I'm grateful for new ideas and friends to share them with. I'm grateful for my determination to put those ideas to work even though they may not always turn out as expected. I'm grateful for trust; those whom trust me, those whom I trust, and those whom can be trusted because they are honest, open and forthright. I'm grateful for adults that don't play childish games and I'm grateful for kids who play family board games instead of electronic device games all the time. I'm grateful for positive attitudes even when things aren't going well and I'm grateful that I'm generally optimistic. I actually believe I'm going to get a lot done tomorrow! Teeeehehehehehe! Well, I'm grateful I've got hope! September 21, 2016 I'm grateful for home brewed iced tea, made with reverse osmosis filtered water and poured over ice made from that same filtered water in to a glass. I'm grateful for Sandi & Dwayne Reed and their family for many, many things, one of which is the appreciation for good brewed tea and another is so many great tunes we've played together over the years. I'm grateful for my overactive mind. I'm certain it never stops thinking, remembering, creating, planning and working even when it's supposed to be at rest. I know this because every morning I find I've been thinking of something in the night I wanted to be certain to remember when I'm awake, so for that, I'm grateful. I'm grateful that Roger Kenaston puts up with my foolishness (most of the time). I'm grateful for my very own silly sayings that I come up with to represent certain occasions or aspects of my life. Having re- read the first line of this post it reminded me if one such "Sharonism"; "I'm not hard to please but I'm awfully particular." I'm grateful that's not entirely true but hey, is there anything wrong with wanting things done a certain way? September 22, 2016 'm grateful for 225 miles of highway to have meaningful conversation with Roger today. We made difficult decisions like where to eat, we argued about the ambient temperature in the suburban, we annoyed each other successfully, we sang along with buck Owens, Bobby bare and whoever sang the "whooooo whoooos" in wolverine mountain. I'm grateful. Roger? Well maybe not so much but just as I said yesterday I'm grateful he puts up with me. I'm grateful for a quiet evening with Netflix, no commercials, and solitude from all the insanity I know is occurring across the land. I'm grateful Spot is in the same mood I'm in and that he let me take this pic before he moved off my lap. He was born here. I wonder if he's glad to be home? He seems pretty grateful today and I guess I'm grateful I'm no longer mad at him for stealing the burgers off the table in the bus last week. That makes me grateful for forgiveness which is something we all need and should all practice a bit more frequently. September 23, 2016 Today I'm grateful that I can adapt to a change of pace between city driving, interstate driving, two-lane driving, hitting the gravel roads and crossing a pasture. I'm not sure which I prefer, but idling across the pasture, and still it's rough, probably ranks towards my least favorite. I'm more of a fast paced kind of girl so stuck in traffic isn't pleasing to me either. Nevertheless, doing what needed to be done to help Roger today required four trips to the first grove of trees and back but we made it without incident, so for that I'm grateful. I'm grateful for those who appreciate antiques and for those who purchase, restore and value them. I'm grateful for those who can see the hidden beauty in a person, place or thing and look beyond their first impression to find its real beauty. I'm grateful for song lyrics that pop into my head out of no where and with very little thought I've sang the entire song word for word with minimal effort. I'm especially grateful when it's a great song. Last week's tune was by Gene Watson, today was Hank Lochlan. Oh hey, I'm grateful my friend Dale (Caroline Eichor) played a song Roger recorded on the radio today. Did anyone hear it? God Gave You To Me! Thanks Dale! I'm grateful for all your kind words and promotions of local musicians and events! Here's a few pics relevant to the day. I'll caption them! September 24, 2016 I'm grateful for a night with Roger Kenaston, Vanessa Kenaston and Bobbi Kenaston Lytle to play music in Colome, South Dakota for this generation of the Kenaston Family Band. It's always good to be together and this was an opportunity to have some fun and catch up on what's been happening with the family. I've played at the Colome Legion several times over the years and I'm grateful for recollections of those times we played with Roger's parents and family friend Robert Jackson. One summer night the power went out but we played our acoustic instruments and someone turned on their car headlights to shine through the back door. The folks danced in a circle around where we played in the middle of the floor. That night was quite a party. The power was off for nearly three hours and came on just in time to pack up! I'm grateful that this October marks 30 years I've been playing music in a band. I earned my first check for $60 on October 6, 1986 for singing and playing bass at the Harvard Ne Legion with the Western Wanderers. My classmates and friends that worked were making $3.85/hour so that $60 was easy money at the time. I'm grateful for that first gig and all those that followed and hopefully are yet to come. I'll admit tonight I'm tired, more so than usual but I'm still grateful for the music and the talented family I'm honored to be a part of. September 25, 2016 Although I'm saddened by the passing of country music legend, Jean Shepard, I'm grateful for her music and her active career spanning over 60 years with the opry. I'm grateful to have a couple personal stories about her as well which I'll try to share briefly now. I don't recall the year, but I'll guess 2007 I had booked Leona Williams for the Wahoo country music show. A few days ahead of the show, Roger, his mother, Arvilla, and I were on the road to a music event in Iowa. I received a call from a mutual friend that Leona had a death in the family and wouldn't be able to make our show and that she (Leona) would be calling me as soon as possible. Needless to say, I really wasn't sure what to do except to say, the show must go on. Roger, Arvilla and I were discussing the situation and for no reason I stated "if I were Leona Williams, I'd have my good friend Jean Shepard fill in for me." Yes, I said it out loud to two witnesses. It wasn't ten minutes after that my dear friend Leona called and talked about the situation and she said "don't worry I've got my good friend Jean Shepard that will fill in for me." It was unbelievable and even though Leona was going through a difficult time, we were so honored that Jean Shepard was going to be with us. The rest of the story is that Jean came to Wahoo with her husband, Benny, a couple days later. We had a brief rehearsal and I'll never forget a statement she made that I've quoted many, many times since. She said, "it's not like we're vying for a Grammy." That certainly put me at ease in knowing she was so easy to work with, so gracious to us and so professional. Her show was incredible and her talent for singing and entertaining was beyond what I had ever seen or heard before. I'm still astounded that the one and only Opry legend Jean Shepard came to Wahoo. It was truly a career highlight for me personally and I'm grateful for not only the experience but for what I learned from her during the experience. For Jean shepard I'll always be grateful. September 26, 2016 Today I'm grateful to have simply accomplished a few things that were necessary for a Monday. I caught up on some phone calls, paid a few bills, worked on several things at the ranch, ran to Winner, SD for Vanessa Kenaston, helped Roger on a couple projects and took care of Vanessa and Jesse's birds. Maybe this guy is one that got loose from the pen while on my watch a few months back that Roger and I had to catch! I'm grateful for phone calls and emails from friends I don't often hear from. I'm grateful for friends I can laugh with, cry with, and talk about anything with. I'm grateful I can get caught up on some rest tonight before another busy day tomorrow. September 27, 2016 Today I'm grateful I was able to see Mike and Linn Baxter. It's always good to see old friends even if it doesn't always involve music. I grateful Roger was able to take that '50 Cad for a spin. You remember, the one I took pictures of from my lounger! He hadn't worked on it much since then but got it running yesterday and parked it away from the shop this afternoon. She starts right up, so I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for the nice fall weather that has allowed us to get some winterization done on some cars, tractors, the shop, house and buildings. There are always things that need done, sealing up windows, checking antifreeze, draining and covering anything that might take on water. I'm grateful to have most of that under control. I'm grateful that tomorrow will find us picking the last two black Diamond melons, closing up shop and heading towards home. In the meantime, I'm grateful for the quality time we've spent with Dean Lewis and VanessaKenaston' dog, Chap. After leaving the ranch today he got a driving lesson from Roger. [See pics and their captions] Spot just shakes his head because he's not even allowed in the front seat. Chap makes his own rules! Like right now he's got his whole head in spot's dog food sack, that's his current interest now that he has gotten every toy scattered across the living room. Ah! Perfect! I'm grateful that toy has a squeaker in it; back to eating a few more bites, aaaanddd here's the squeeze toy on my lap now. I threw the toy (in the house! Yikes) and here comes Spot on my lap. Chap must have realized the growling meant this lap belongs to Spot whenever he wants it. I'm grateful for critters that keep me entertained. September 28, 2016 I'm grateful once again for a safe trip home from the ranch. I'm grateful that I'm not even close to what some may consider "high maintenance". I'm ok with doing my dishes in a feed pan using warm water from the hose and the tire changer as my dish strainer. If that makes me a redneck or a "sandhillbilly" then I'm grateful for that too. I'm just grateful for food and water after a reasonably productive day and I'm grateful that I can try to make the best of each day. I'll share a video of today's last project; moving Tesa EHeldenbrand's Caddilac from one side of the garage to the other for some muffler work. I'm grateful to be home with my feet up and I'm looking forward to upcoming events including the fremont festival and the Bootleg Brewery crawfish days this weekend! Oh yeah September 29, 2016 I'm grateful for memories to hold on to when memories are all that's left. I'm grateful for medication that does what it's supposed to do to keep me, my friends and loved ones healthy. I'm grateful that I can find peace within, especially when every day there seems to be more senseless violence and unexplained tragedy. I'm grateful I'm optimistic and that I easily trust others even though I'm sometimes disappointed. I'm grateful for restaurants with good wait staff and cooks and I'm grateful I live outside of town where it's quiet. I'm grateful for those who continually do the right things. September 30, 2016 I'm grateful for a good ride to Bobbi KenastonLytle's house after a nice day with friends in Fremont. I'm grateful to Ntcma Bob Everhart, Sheila and Bobbie Leah for hosting the old time music gathering and giving folks like us a chance to play and get together with good friends. As a promoter myself, I know they do it selflessly, not for their own good but simply to support the music they love and the people that make it. There are still two days of fine entertainment so head on out to fremont! I snapped a few pics to share but since it's heading towards 4 am, I'll not comment on them. Tag yourself if you're in there somewhere. I'm grateful for another opportunity to play music later today after some rest with one of my favorites, Jimmy Hansen and bobbi will be our happy little drummer! I'm grateful that Stetsen is letting gramps and I sleep in his bed and as soon as these pics load I'll be grateful to rest my head! October 1, 2016 Tonight I'm grateful for a nice day of music with Bobbi Kenaston Lytle, Roger Kenaston, and Jimmy Hansen. We played at a new venue for us, the Bootleg Brewery in rural Taylor ne. It was a great time with a happy crowd after a good husker football victory. So I'm grateful for that. We were fortunate to pick up some additional bookings yet this fall as well as next summer at two different place so I'm grateful for that as well. I'm grateful for the Kalenda family that came to see us tonight and for their constant friendship through the years. Great to see you Gloria Wilson, Vickie Kalenda, Kally Wilson and little Joey! I'm grateful that people still love merle haggard and traditional country music in central nebraska and I'm grateful for the folks at bootleg brewery for supporting live music! October 2, 2016 I'm grateful for God's grace, especially now, as He took my Uncle Gene Harre into His loving arms where he is now at peaceful and eternal rest. I'm grateful for the time we shared over the years. I'm grateful for his family who cherished him as he so deserved. I remember how to my dad it was always a pretty big deal when Uncle Gene and his wife, Aunt Mary Ellen Putnam Harre would come to the farm to visit. To me, they always resembled each other and their voices sounded the same so I've held on tight to my fondness of Uncle Gene since my dad died 15 years ago. I'm grateful for all of my Harre cousins and the 2 uncles and 7 aunts I'm blessed with that remain here to grieve with the family and give us strength. I'm grateful Roger and I had a good weekend of playing music and I'm grateful to be home for a few days to get caught up! Love and hugs to Aunt Mary Ellen, and her children, Raymond Harre, Mary Bogs, Kathy Harre and their families. October 3, 2016 I'm grateful I was able to run to Sioux city tonight to see granddaughter, Ali, play volleyball. She enjoys playing and is an excellent teammate. It's good to spend a little time with Jennifer Fitch Kenaston, her and Marty kenastons girls and the extended Fitch family. They won both matches tonight so I'm grateful I was there to watch. Thanks to everyone for the kind words of sympathy on the loss of my uncle gene. I'm grateful for your thoughts and prayers and will extend them to the rest of the family. I'm grateful for Amazon so I can order supplies that are delivered to my door in a couple days which saves me the aggravation of actually shopping. I received some computer supplies today that will make my life easier and for that I'm grateful. October 4, 2016 I'm grateful for a rainy day to get caught up on some laundry and computer work, and I even had a chance to do some fall cleaning upstairs. Of course that's fall of 2012, but hey, I still call it progress. I'm grateful for long distance friends that keep me motivated by making me accountable. I'm grateful I have things to look forward to beyond tomorrow. I'm grateful for ideas that turn into great ideas no matter whose idea it was to begin with. I'm grateful for the color purple and I'm grateful that others think of me when they notice purple things. I'm grateful for my sister, Janice Harre Picard, better known as Buttercup. Today is her birthday and she likes purple to. For all she is to me, I'm grateful! October 5, 2016 I'm grateful for time with family today as we said or final farewell to Uncle Gene. My cousins are bright and funny and always there for the family when needed so for them, once again, I'm grateful. Tonight I'm grateful for Buzz. He's taking extra good care of me as if he knows I'm feeling a bit blue. I'm grateful for good neighbors, those we have now, those we've had in the past and those that we have when traveling. I'm grateful for my oldest brother, Aj Harre. He's one of a kind, clever and talented. I'm grateful for the many blessings in my life and I'm grateful for the abundance I'm blessed with. October 6, 2016 I'm grateful for the human mind today which is something I believe most of us take for granted. Its ability to process information, plan ahead, recall a memory, and perform an incredible variety of tasks is simply a miracle. Everyone has a different level of cognitive skills yet also we have the ability to learn, adapt, create and solve which we should all be grateful for. I'm grateful for the mind's ability to create and interpret music which allowed me to spend most of the day working on a recording project. What a gift to be able to use my knowledge and skills in such a delightful way. I'm grateful I'm not at the ranch where apparently it snowed today. I'm grateful technology can predict severe weather and can warn people of upcoming hurricanes which saves countless lives, and I'm grateful for the prayers that protect and give hope to all that's in the path of Matthew. October 7, 2016 I'm grateful for couples that consistently demonstrate their love and respect for each other and set a positive example for younger relationships and marriages. I'm grateful we're one day closer to election day so the campaigning, or shall I say mud slinging, has one less day to continue. I'm grateful everything I do and say isn't analyzed by the media with the only objective being to discredit me. I'm grateful for RFD-TV and I'm grateful I can change channels or scroll past the disgusting politics currently being forced into our daily lives. I'm grateful for those who respect authority and see the good in others. I'm grateful for those who do not judge lest they be judged. And I'm grateful for people who are dedicated and passionate. October 8, 2016 I'm grateful for the Grand Ol Opry which celebrated its 91 st birthday tonight. That's quite remarkable! I heard part of the late broadcast and brad paisley, the whites and mo Pitney turned in fantastic performances for which I'm grateful and fortunate I was able to hear. I'm grateful for new ideas, wholesome memories, and the numerous prayers God has answered for myself and others. I'm grateful a nice Saturday evening with friends and a few dances with Roger! October 9, 2016 I'm grateful for time spent with my daughter in law, Jennifer Fitch Kenaston, and her two older girls, Ali and Linny. We went to Omaha to the Kelloggs tour of gymnastics champions. There were amazing gymnasts and several Olympic champions including Ali rassmen, Simone biles, gabby Douglas, Shawn Johnson, plus several men metal winners and more. I'm grateful for the opportunity to see these amazing athletes and even more grateful for the sweet, articulate, intelligent and enjoyable granddaughters that were able to enjoy it with me. I'm grateful for my DVR so I can watch husker volleyball tonight and I'm grateful for peanut butter fudge. October 10, 2016 I'm grateful that harvest season is in full swing and that Roger is able to help our neighbor and make a few extra dollars this fall. I'm grateful that this coming weekend will find us playing music for our dancing friends at the famous carlock ballroom. I'm grateful to have time to catch up on some paperwork today. I'm grateful for things that make me wonder, think, appreciate and change my perspective from time to time. I'm grateful for antique clocks that chime and I'm grateful my grandpa miller was a clock maker so I can appreciate my memories of him as I hear and watch the pendulum swing. I'm grateful I'm mostly light hearted and at the same time I'm grateful to be tough or tender as needed. I'm grateful for decisions someone else can make, I'm grateful I'm not much of a worrier and I'm grateful for pajamas fresh out of the dryer. October 11, 2016 I'm grateful for sports and my enthusiasm and knowledge about many different kinds of sports. I'm grateful for friends who are willing to help out with anything and everything just because they want to and because they care. I'm grateful for Spot and for what I learned by having him around the past four years. I'm grateful for photographs of my brothers and sisters that are on my desk so I keep them close to my heart everyday. And I'm grateful for all the little gifts that have been given to me over the years by family and friends. They decorate my house and allow me reminders of all I have to be grateful for. I'm also happy for Teresa L. Illig because her Cubs won the NLDS tonight in the biggest come from behind win in post season history. I'm not rooting for anyone in particular, but I do enjoy fall baseball and the race to the World Series. October 12, 2016 I'm grateful that Roger was able to pick tomatoes and squash today and cover the tomatoes for the frost expected tonight. I'm grateful for new friends with old souls that connect like you've known them forever. I'm grateful for big personalities that make life interesting. I'm grateful for forthright people that tell it like it is. I'm grateful for car parts and miscellaneous other items delivered to my door. I'm grateful for the thoughts concerning Spot who has yet to return home. I'm grateful for a safe road trip today that allowed me time with friends as well as an opportunity to be productive in thought. I love driving, alone, listening to music, lost in my own thoughts. That's when I have the best ideas and for that I'm grateful. October 13, 2016 I'm grateful for the waxing moon, soon to be full, then waning. I always find it beautiful and for many years I have tried to always take a few minutes, take a deep breath and enjoy gazing at it, so for every one of those opportunities, I'm grateful. I'm grateful for the super-imposed first down markers during football games. I can't comprehend how that works but it sure is handy. I'm grateful for a productive day with one more day at home to take care of more things on my to do list. Then I get to be with Roger and family and play music at carlock! It's opening weekend for pheasant season so it'll be a good party and for that I'm grateful. I'll miss the rowdy bunch being there but I'm grateful for all the times they have been there which means so much to all of us! Yep, I'm grateful! October 14, 2016 I'm grateful that Roger was happy with the supper he wanted; liver and onions. While it's a long way from my favorite, I had some anyway. I'm grateful it's not on the menu very often. I'm grateful I was able to work on a few projects for the upcoming winter texan season today and I'm especially grateful to have over 40 dates booked in the valley this winter. I'm grateful that playing music is such a big part of my life as it's the thing I'm most passionate about. I'm grateful for Steve Martin movies on a Friday night and I'm grateful for air fresheners that help offset the smell of liver and onions. Carlock tomorrow! October 15, 2016 I'm grateful for friends that were at carlock tonight, some dressed in costume, some just came to dance while still others were there to see and hear us and their other friends. It's kinda late and it's been a long road to travel so I'll keep it short tonight. Big day of working at the ranch tomorrow and I'm grateful we'll have some extra helpers. Here's a few snapshots of the night! Be grateful! I made a few comments on the pics! October 16, 2016 I'm grateful for what was accomplished at the ranch today followed by a safe trip home through some fog. I'm grateful for history contained in Roger and Vanessa's grandmother's house and I'm grateful for the recollections our family shared today. Vanessa said, "That's the pail grandma gathered eggs in." Roger said, "When I was little, grandma had a bowl of water from the well on the porch with a dipper in it. In the winter after breaking the ice, it was the best water ever. " Clifford answered Mia's questions one time saying, "Horses were all they had back then." Jesse said, "I love looking at old stuff, it's interesting." Bobbi said, "that's from the cafe" as she referred to the commercial malt machine she used when Arvilla had the cafe in springview. Shelbi said, "If you guys need more help, let me know, I can come back up here." How could I be anything but grateful for Roger's family who knows how to work hard, respect their elders and their heritage, appreciate each other and support each other. The memories Roger and Vanessa have from their younger days at the ranch represent a lot of tales and I'm grateful we could share in some of that today. Thanks to Ty and Randy for the help today as well. We're all grateful for you. I'm grateful for personal memorabilia as in this picture, just an old bucket that has "save s d kenaston" written on it which is Bob's dad, Sanford Dewey Kenaston. How cool is that? I'm still grateful! October 17, 2016 I'm grateful to have spent the day taking care of business at home today. That has allowed me an earlier start on my daily grateful post for a change and since it was an uneventful day, I just want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the comments and correspondence with me via these posts. It's wonderful to be in touch with so many different people and I realize that different posts interest different people, which I find interesting. That's something to be grateful for. I'm grateful for the wide variety of friends I have and I'm grateful for the ongoing support. I'm grateful for the memories you've shared with me and the stories you've reminded me of in this process. I started this quest in July to find more gratitude as a mind altering method to rid my mind of depressing things we all have to deal with daily. Towards the end of the day, it's very nice to look back on things to be grateful for and disregard the trials and tribulations. Every one of us have difficult things to get through, whether it be grief, illness, or any number of things. Maybe my posts of gratefulness can help those suffering with sadness of any kind find a little more gratitude or strength and for that possibility, I'm grateful. Thanks everyone! October 18, 2016 I've mentioned a few times how grateful I am for my family and lately I've spoken of roger's family and the Harre family frequently. I'm just as grateful for my mom's side of the family as she was one of 12, the second oldest of the miller kids. My great aunt Emma lived about three miles from where I grew up and we spent a lot of time with her and great uncle Irvin. They were so cool. They never had children so they took good care of us and for all those memories, I'm grateful. Uncle Irvin always had candy in his pocket. Aunt Emma had empty band aid tins, empty thread spools, buttons, maybe a small ball or two and string that I played with. Then she'd go to the pantry and bring out colored mini marshmallows for a treat unless she had something fresh baked. They had indoor plumbing but used the outhouse and rain water wash basin with powdered soap most of the time. I'm so grateful I grew up in that environment. My mom's brothers and sisters that are still living (2 uncles in Texas, 2 uncles in Minnesota, 1 aunt in Nebraska, 1 aunt in Minnesota) are all remarkable. Just over a year ago they lost their mother, my grandmother at 101 years old. My sister, Carol Harre Jensen and I we're on our way to see her the very day she died but I'm grateful for the time we were able to spend with the family in our grief. Here's a few pictures of the miller family. I'm hoping to visit my uncle Harold and aunt Linda Skinner Miller and uncle John in Texas in December. I'm grateful for my big family. I love you all! October 19, 2016 Today I'm grateful for our grandkids, and especially the two that have birthdays today, Stetsen 9 yrs old and Brianna 1 yr old. Happy birthday! I'm grateful that Roger has two great kids and as parents, they are outstanding despite all the challenges of raising families in this day and age. I'm grateful for my small town doctors and their staff for the excellent and personal service you get as a patient. I'm grateful, like many others, that the presidential debate is over. I'm grateful I had other things to do so I didn't have to watch the candidates disrespect each other and give a poor example of how to behave as adults, much less leaders of our great country. Shame on all of them. United we stand, divided we fall. I don't see how our leaders could be much more divided right now. It's difficult to be grateful for anything related to this election so I'll just be grateful we're another day closer to Nov 8. Check out the birthday kids pics! Love and hugs from granny. October 20, 2016 I'm grateful that I had an incredible mother, Cathie J. Harre, and today would have been her 82nd birthday. She's been gone for nearly 8 years now and today I was grateful for some time away from the house to just do some reminiscing. I was her full-time caregiver for about six years but today I'm grateful for the memories of her when she was healthy. She had an infectious laugh like no other. She was so clever and talented, wise and strong, for that I'm grateful. She worked all the time, rarely setting down and never did she complain. I'm grateful for a few of her good qualities that I see in me even though I'm a long way from being as amazing as she was. I'm grateful for the friends that knew her many years ago that have memories of when she was healthy. At Uncle Gene's funeral, my cousin Ron Kuska made a comment about how the Harre reunion hasn't been the same since Mom's not there to bring fresh fried farm raised chicken and perfectly peeled and sliced tomatoes. I'm so grateful for my mind's ability to recall the things I miss about her. I'm so grateful for her teachings and her faith in God so I know I'll see her again someday. I'm sharing this poem that my sister, Janice Harre Picard shared earlier because I thought it was just really nice. For you, mom, I'll always be grateful. October 21, 2016 I'm grateful for phone calls from friends during the day when I needed a break from computer work and household chores. I'm grateful for future plans with music that I can look forward to. I'm grateful for a Husker volleyball win tonight and that I was able to watch the game. I'm grateful for the wonderful fall weather and I'm grateful I still have a few tomatoes on the vine. I'm grateful for learning new things every time I work on a recording project and I'm grateful my hearing is reasonably good. I'm grateful for my determination and persistence to edit wav files so the recording project sounds like i want it to. And I'm grateful for Will Shenk for educating me just enough that I'm dangerous. October 22, 2016 I'm grateful for another extra nice fall day and for the pictures Roger sent from the bin site of his work today. I'll share them with you. I'm grateful for another husker football victory today. I'm grateful the Cubs are going to the world series since so many of my Facebook friends are fans. I'm grateful for the convenience of Amazon prime and the amazing ability to order anything imaginable online and have it delivered to my door. I'm grateful for new ideas which I always seem to have quite a few of. (Not all are good ideas, but still ideas nonetheless!) I'm still grateful for little things that are reminders of family and friends I've lost. And I'm grateful for life experiences that taught me to be a better person. I'll caption roger's pics October 23, 2016 Today I'm grateful that young people, like the Malpass Brothers, the Queue Sisters and Kristyn Harris, carry on the tradition of real country and western music. Please support live music and performers by purchasing their merchandise, especially these young performers, and I'm grateful for those who already do. I'm grateful for a Husker volleyball win again today against a very good, third ranked, Minnesota team. I'm grateful for the fall colors and the beauty of the eastern side of nebraska. I took a few minutes to go for a Sunday drive this afternoon and took a few pictures of the mighty mo. Then, as I was driving back down our long, steep driveway, I remembered how grateful I am for my little acreage, warm house,and my many blessings. Here's a few pics with captions. October 24, 2016 I'm grateful for barn quilts, for old barns and for Terry Redlin's "Harvest Moon Ball" print. These things bring me warmth and happiness. They also serve as a reminder of barn dances, barn raisings, barn burnings, barnyards and "Out Behind The Barn". I have several old barn things in my office, along with Roger's John Deere toy tractor collection, so there's lots of green and yellow and barn red in this room. There's been a barn in my life most of the time with the exception of when I lived in Hastings right out of high school. Of course the old barn where I grew up was torn down several years ago. There were two huge and beautiful, really old barns on the first place Roger and I lived in South Dakota, not far from Carlock Ballroom. I wonder if they're still there. There's an old granary here which is essentially a barn and there's a barn up at the ranch, so it's a good thing I'm grateful for barns. I'm even grateful for having the experience of cleaning out the old barn a time or two and I'm grateful I don't have to do that anymore. I'm grateful for the memories of other times spent in the barn also. Some of it was work, hard work, like stacking small square alfalfa bales in the hay-mount. Some of it was fun, playing hide and go seek, running up and down the bale-a-vator, riding horses, shooting my bb gun, searching for baby kittens, swinging on the ropes, climbing up to the top and jumping into a pile of hay we probably weren't supposed to be jumping on. Thinking about all of that, I'm grateful I didn't break my neck. I did run up the bale-a-vator one time, hit my head on the top of the barn door, fell off and was caught by my overall strap hanging from the 2nd story barn door. Being a very tough "tom boy", I just grabbed a hold, lifted myself back up and went on about my play. Having recalled that, I'm grateful for guardian angels who've had their work cut out in protecting me from harm. Now that's something to truly be grateful for. Here's a couple pictures I'll caption for you. October 25, 2016 I'm grateful for the basic knowledge I have in graphic design, ad layout and marketing. I'm grateful to have learned these things along life's way out of necessity to do better at a variety of work, tasks and jobs. I'm grateful for the years I spent creating the newsletter, "Live" and I'm grateful for those who say they still miss it. In fact, I miss it also so perhaps that's why I enjoy writing the grateful posts. I'm grateful that Facebook keeps me in touch with many of my Live subscribers. I'm grateful Roger had a bit more time yesterday and today to be home and even rest up a bit after working many long days in a row. Tonight and tomorrow brings a chance of rain so perhaps he'll have another day off of the field work for a deserved break. I'm grateful for plans for tomorrow and I'm grateful for the upcoming gigs at bootleg brewery in Taylor, ne this Saturday and next Saturday. October 26, 2016 Tonight I'm grateful for books. I'm not the most avid reader but from time to time I enjoy getting lost in a story to take my mind off of reality. There are so many choices of what to read and be that as it may, I love books that are humorous and make me laugh out loud. There's plenty enough disturbing murder mysteries just watching the news so I prefer to read light hearted stories I can more easily relate to. I'm grateful for the books on my shelf I haven't read yet and I'm grateful for books available for free via download to my phone and tablet. I'm grateful for mini bags of microwave popcorn, filtered water and egg nog. I'm grateful for optimism and the times I've chosen the high road even when people I have loved have chosen a different path. I'm grateful for an understanding heart and the benefit of the doubt. My friend Janet Frese shared this message earlier and I thought it was important to share it as well. I'm grateful for gratefulness. October 27, 2016 I'm grateful for quality time spent with family and friends. The kind that creates lasting memories, that touches your heart and makes you realize you never want to take that precious time for granted. I'm grateful for my closest friends that know by the sound of my voice what I'm doing and how I'm doing. I'm grateful for a warm forecast going into next week and I'm grateful for merle haggard songs. I'm grateful for songs that tell stories and relate to my personal life experiences. I'm grateful for sad songs and waltzes and I'm grateful they are still selling this year. October 28 , 2016 I'm grateful for things, and people, that I can always count on; little things like a car that always starts and much more important things like family and friends that try to never let me down. I'm grateful for another husker volleyball win. I'm grateful that tomorrow I get to play music with family and friends at the Bootleg Brewery outside of Taylor. I'm grateful for a productive week that is now behind me and I'm grateful I have a positive outlook for the week ahead. I'm grateful the weekend is here and I'm grateful for friendly reminders that people have me in their thoughts. October 29, 2016 I'm grateful for fun people. We had a good time at the Bootleg brewery tonight and played some hard driving country music which I'm always grateful for. I'm fortunate to be a musician/entertainer and see folks reaction to the music. So often they've never seen an upright bass player in person so they notice that. I'm grateful I was the happy little drummer tonight and Vanessa Kenaston played the upright like a boss! I'm grateful we could leave our equipment set up because we'll be playing there again next Saturday! Come one come all. I'm grateful Jimmy Hansen has a bed for us tonight and I'm grateful for sweet dreams. October 30, 2016 I'm grateful that Roger and I could just be still late this afternoon and watch a movie. Hadn't done that in awhile. Buzz even got in on the action as you'll see in the pics. Rogers not sleeping in pic he's just looking at the cat who's quite comfy! I'm grateful the Cubs forced game six for the many fans who've been waiting for 71 years. I'm grateful for a fun day planned tomorrow doing what I do: creating music while I assist with a recording. I'm grateful I still have a great attitude to start the week and I'm grateful for Milton Wooldridge who's having a birthday Oct 31! Love you Milton and Marilyn! Have a great day! October 31, 2016 I'm grateful for my unwavering belief that things will work out like they're supposed to. Maybe that comes from my faith in God and knowing that He guides us to do the right thing. Having said that, I'm holding on to the belief that our country will survive this election and find a way to become unified for the betterment of Americans, Democrat or Republican. I'm grateful for a safe trip home from the Iowa side of the river, through a bit of patchy fog, but safe and simple nonetheless. I'm grateful for Willies Roadhouse on Sirius xm radio and I'm grateful for digital audio recording equipment. November 1, 2016 I'm grateful for another cubs win for my friends that have been long time fans and that game 7 will decide the world series winner. I'm grateful for Lorraine McCarthy and her help in another south Texas booking. I'm grateful for safe travels for my friends that have made their way to the rio Grande Valley this fall. I'm grateful for my recent "win" involving $1000 balance due on my 2014 taxes that I was able to document qualified deductions for. Yay me! And I'm grateful for my associate of arts in accounting education so I was able to effectively dispute the disallowed deduction so there is "no balance due"! Yay me again! For that I'm grateful! November 2, 2016 Tonight I'm grateful for a terrific world series and extra innings in game 7 with a rain delay! It brings back memories of my mother watching great baseball games when I was young. She was so funny. She'd be sorta laying on the couch and when something good happened she'd raise her arms and kick both legs up in the air. I'm grateful those memories can take me right back there as if it were yesterday. There are so many things I thought of just today that I am grateful for; Kris Kristofferson's songwriting, Mike and Tesa E Heldenbrand 's friendship, air fresheners, convenience stores, my dad, Internet passwords that I don't have to change, and on a serious note, I'm grateful the suspect charged with shooting two police officers in des Moines was arrested. November 3, 2016 I'm grateful for completed projects no longer on my desk but tucked away in my filing cabinet. I'm grateful for my mechanical aptitude as it comes in handy often, like today when I disassembled my vacuum cleaner. I'm grateful its working again. I'm grateful for memory foam on my bed, in my pillows and in my shoes. I'm grateful Roger and his boss have some extra help right now to get the rest of the corn out of the field. I'm grateful the neighbor took the corn out around the house so the scenery is different again. I snapped this picture of the truck Roger hauls grain in sitting on top of the hill in the field just south of our house. It looks pretty tiny from the road! I'm grateful for ripe bananas so I could make banana bread today. November 4, 2016 I'm grateful for a day of interesting challenges. I'm grateful for days when things go according to plan which was not necessarily the case today. My phone service did not exist for most of the day which meant no Internet access, texts or calls. I accidentally dumped about 3/4 cup of pepper on my eggs this morning so I'm grateful I wasn't cooking for anyone but myself. I'm grateful again today for my mechanical aptitude as it was useful after I dropped my turn table from my lap. I was dusting (my first mistake) and rearranging some electronic connections (since I had no Internet for more productive purposes) while sitting on a lightweight foot stool. While reaching to the back of the dusty cabinet with one hand on the record player the thin plastic seat cracked, and before I knew it, I was on the floor, the stool flew across the room, the turn table was in pieces and after all that, I'm grateful I didn't hurt myself and I'm grateful I was able to reassemble my record player. The belt was off, the hinged lid was off but not broken (grateful) and my Buck Owens, Norma jean and merle haggard lps were scattered about. I'm grateful no one was home to laugh at my antics. I'm grateful I don't have to get up early since it's nearly 4 am. I'm grateful for a crisp fall night with a beautiful sky full of stars. I'm grateful for two weeks of gig money in my pocket, another chance to play at the Bootleg brewery Saturday (later today), and a well played husker volleyball game vs Penn state. We won in 5 sets. I'm grateful I'll see friends at the gig and I'm grateful to be heading to bed now November 5, 2016 I'm grateful for another gig with Roger, Vanessa, Bobbi jo and Jimmy. I'm grateful don and Marge Kemerling came to see us. I'm grateful for my sister in law, Vanessa Kenaston, who celebrated her birthday tonight. We've shared a lot of great things over the years and I'm grateful to know her. I'm grateful for extra helpers that carried equipment down and out. That is so much appreciated by all of us. I'm grateful Tommy Armstrong wasn't more seriously injured as I watched that from behind the drums with a sickening feeling that the game isn't worth paying such a price of a debilitating injury. So, I'm grateful they were cautious and cared enough to take the seriousness of the situation to heart. I'm grateful to be ready for bed a bit earlier than last night. I'm grateful election results will be here soon and I'm grateful we can move past the endless speculation of who's going to lose. Here are a few scenes from tonight. November 6, 2016 Today I'm grateful for a good trip home from the Sandhills. I'm grateful my brother, Aj harre, stopped by for a visit this afternoon. I'm grateful for his laugh and his wisdom. I'm grateful for a new week and I'm grateful I can concentrate on getting things ready for the trip to the Rio Grande Valley. I'm grateful to be playing music with the reed family this coming Friday as it's something I always look forward to. I'm grateful for the continued warm weather and excellent forecast so we can cheat a few more nice days away from old man winter. I'm grateful for the unknown and it's wonderment, for the future, and for things to come I don't even know I could be looking forward to. Truly, every day is a new surprise and for that I'm grateful. How blessed I am to just be alive. November 7, 2016 I'm grateful I've had opportunities to deal with professionals in the music business. I have great respect for so many that have taken chances and made huge sacrifices to perform and promote the music they love. Not all professionals are famous, I'm grateful to understand that. I'm grateful for what I've learned from all of them. I'm grateful for those that blazed a trail and used their unique creativity in music. I'm grateful for the many details that are coming together for the exciting season in the Rio Grande Valley along with other plans relating to the music business. I'm grateful the majority of this country still respects tradition, demonstrates good moral judgement, helps one another, prays and are genuinely good. November 8, 2016 I'm grateful for the home and acreage Roger and I purchased outside of Lyons, ne almost 12 years ago. Ever since then, I've been grateful for my small town bank. They have called me by name since I opened my account and have been excellent in every way of doing business. Plus they support our music and have sponsored several events I've promoted. I'm grateful for that relationship. I'm grateful that Roger's boss finished up the last field of corn today with a safe and successful harvest and incredibly nice weather. I'm grateful buzz came in for a visit tonight and I'm grateful he talks to me when he's ready to go out. I'm grateful for the right to vote and I'm grateful to all the elected officials for representing one nation under God. Peace! November 9, 2016 I'm grateful for my office chair which I spent plenty of time in today. I'm grateful for Internet and mobile banking, Billpay and direct deposit which has drastically reduced the amount of paperwork that needs filed. I'm grateful for optimism that the president elect will make good decisions for America. I'm grateful I can choose to move past negativity, drama and nonsense that some people invoke. I'm glad I have supportive people in my life that also see past the negativity, drama, nonsense and gossip. I'm grateful for unexpected friendships and bonds, for people that don't judge a book by its cover and for open-mindedness. I'm grateful for people that are always on time, do what they say they're going to do and aren't afraid to say they're sorry or that they made a mistake. I'm grateful I'm generally accepting of change and able to adapt quickly and I'm grateful for others who are the same. November 10, 2016 I'm grateful i went to a small school and I'm grateful for so many wonderful teachers that truly had an impact on my life. Most of them would still recognize me in a crowd and a few have become my friends after I graduated nearly 30 years ago. My graduating class was one of the smallest from Exeter high with 12 of us from the class of '87. They are all good people and in my own way, I love everyone of them for those formative years we shared. I'm grateful to have a few of them and former teachers on my Facebook friends list. I'm grateful for teamwork, good sportsmanship and all that I learned in sports and as a contestant in more music contests than I can count. I'm certain that learning to lose is one of those most valuable lessons. I'm grateful to have won a few, but I learned much more from the many more that I didn't win. I'm grateful I'm going to Lincoln (Friday night) to work with my long time friends, the midnight riders (aka the reed family). I always enjoy time spent and music shared with them. I'm grateful!
From the stage of RFD-TV the Theater in Branson, Missouri
November 11, 2016 I'm grateful for a nice evening of music with the midnight riders. Angel Reed Kucera, Dwayne Reed, Sandi reed, James Reed and randy weideman are outstanding musicians and it's always a pleasure to play along with them. Big thank you to Judy Malone and Jim Malone for coming from Omaha to see us. I'm grateful for the many years we've been friends. I'm grateful for the dancers that keep live bands in business. I'm grateful for mountain dew and sunflower seeds that have gotten me many a mile down the road in the middle of the night. Oh and I'm grateful for Willies Roadhouse on xm radio for broadcasting the grand ol opry. That's gotten me many a mile down the road as well. I'm grateful for 24 hour convenience stores and the kind people that work the night shift for those of us traveling in the wee hours. I'm in Fremont right now grabbing a quick breakfast and I'm grateful for a safe trip this far. 40 miles from here and I'll be home. I'm grateful for my Facebook friends that take time to read my gratitude posts and I'm especially grateful for the veterans. Have a great weekend. November 12, 2016 I'm grateful my life is void of anger, intolerance and hatred and instead filled with love, respect, admiration and hope that each new day will be better than the last. I'm grateful for plan a, plan b, and plan c which is followed by flying by the seat of my pants which is a skill I'm grateful to have. I'm grateful for rural American values and how we come together in celebration of a job well done or a life well lived. I'm disappointed by the population that riots. After 9/11 we gathered and rallied together to fight against injustice but we were all on the same side. I hope tomorrow is a better day and that this nation can find gratitude and thankfulness for the freedoms we enjoy. And I hope for peace on American soil. November 13, 2016 Tonight I'm grateful for a crisp fall night and a clear sky which allows a perfect view of that supermoon. Having said that, I'm beyond grateful for eye sight. Most people do not know that I am legally blind in my left eye so I have never taken my vision for granted. I'm extremely grateful the vision in my right eye was always excellent and even though my years are adding up, I still have very good vision without a need for corrective lenses. There are some limitations to having vison in only one eye. Depth perception is affected but along life's way I've learned to compensate for that since it's all I've ever known. I have requirements on my drivers license for outside mirrors but otherwise, no other limitations. I caution Roger frequently for welding and grinding without proper safety equipment. Thankfully he wears glasses so at least he has some protection. I'm grateful my friend Lorraine Worth had a successful eye procedure recently and that her vision is ok. I'm grateful for the beauty that surrounds us that can be seen with our hearts and our minds. I'm grateful for medical advancements that give hope to those with vision problems and I'm grateful for perceptions that are not based solely on sight. November 14, 2016 It's been a few weeks since I've mentioned this so once again I'm grateful for a safe journey across the Sandhills. I'm grateful for a couple more above normal temperature days to get work done at the ranch. I don't think I've mentioned this but regardless it's worth repeating: I'm grateful for a little device called Chromecast. It's a Google product that costs only $35. This is right up my alley since I'm a techno-junkie. It connects via USB to your tv, then wirelessly to your WiFi network. You can then broadcast live streaming tv, music, movies, youtube or anything you can see on your computer or other Internet connected device. So, I'm able to watch Monday night football on arvilla's tv even though there is no cable or any other incoming signal. I'm grateful to know about this little device, I'm grateful I have one and I'm grateful I know how to use it. I'm grateful arvilla's house remains the same as it was before she died so that in some way there's comfort here and it makes it easier to recall her life that was well spent here. I'm grateful for memories of playing cards at the table even though her health was failing she still played a mean game of rummy when we were last together. I'm grateful for my tender heart even though it gets trampled on from time to time. And I'm grateful I can find the strength to get from one day to the next when it's not always easy. Yep, still lots more to be grateful for! November 15, 2016 I'm grateful that Roger has a chance to interact with old friends when we're in springview. He enjoys that and the folks here are super friendly as if he's never left town. Sometimes I think you have to leave in order to appreciate where you've been and where you came from. I'm so, so grateful for the numerous friends that have driven up this way to visit, dance and learn a bit more about the kenaston way of life which I'll admit is unique as it compares to anything else I've known. I'm grateful for the farming community I grew up in and that is still quite different than a ranching community. I'm grateful for "the small world" it seems we sometimes live in. The neighbors just east of where I grew up had three boys, the youngest of which is a bit younger and graduated a year after I did. As the world turns, Roger and I got married and it wasn't long before the neighbor boy married a daughter of neighbors that live just east of where roger grew up. I only knew about it because my parents were invited to the wedding. Small world. I'm grateful for small town living. I know I've said that before but I'm grateful there's no need to lock doors or take keys out of the car. I'm grateful to be safe from rioting and crime. I'm grateful for today's accomplishments and at least one more day of warm weather before a looming snow storm moves in by the end of the week. Three weeks til we head south to play music! Yay! I'm still grateful! November 16, 2016 I'm grateful for a nice day spent at the ranch and I'm grateful for a chance to see Roger in his element. I've always been amazed at his vast knowledge of old cars and tractors, and mechanics in general, so to see him using his skills and doing things he enjoys is a blessing for both of us. He can identify just about every nut and bolt out of an old chevy (motor or body) and he tells me details about hubcaps and taillights I still am grateful to find interesting after all these years. Today's accomplishments included fresh oil in the JD B, pushing back some brush and dead trees, removing an old mattress from the house, taking out more dead trees so we could move the old Dodge power wagon, tracking down an issue with the electricity in the shop, working on the 50 cad, mowing, corresponding with people regarding texas bookings and bmai bookings, taking the following pictures, making supper, taking a really long shower, watching husker volleyball and calling it a day. I'm grateful for those things we did today before the weather changes. I'll share these snapshots for no reason except things I find interesting. I'm grateful I know some of the stories associated with these items. Some of them just make me wonder! For an interesting life, I'm grateful. I'll caption some of the pics. November 17, 2016 Hey it's good to be back home again. I'm grateful for John Denver songs. There's not a fire softly burning but it's safe and warm here and buzz is sound asleep in my lap. I'm always grateful to hear from friends and know they keep me in their thoughts and prayers. I'm grateful for the excitement building for the upcoming texas trip where there's music and friends around every corner. I'm grateful for safe travel across half the state ahead of the snow that's on its way. Not much if any accumulation expected here but 3 to 6 inches at the ranch so glad to be home. I'm grateful so many enjoyed yesterday's post and I'm grateful if I've ever made you laugh or smile and feel as valuable as you are to me. Thanks for following along with my daily routine! I'm grateful for you! November 18, 2016 I'm grateful for having fairly adequate communication and telephone skills which I learned a long time ago at my first job out of high school. Customer service has always been enjoyable to me and I'm certainly grateful for businesses and employees that demonstrate excellent customer service. I've worked answering a multi- line switchboard and was even a reservation agent for a hotel chain taking one call after another all day making hotel room reservations. My experience was extended when I worked at the funeral home and received calls from grieving families and calls for removal of a decedent. Funny how things change. When I was a teenager, I never wanted to call anyone or talk on the phone. I was horribly shy so I'm grateful I got over that. My dad was outgoing, never met a stranger and always seemed to be happy, whistling or singing while he worked. It seemed everyone knew him and I'm grateful for the example he showed. He was a carpenter so he spent his career making customers happy with their home he was building. He rarely talked on the phone but I certainly remember his booming voice in the kitchen when he called the barber for an appointment to get his hair cut. These thoughts come to mind because lately I've had some important phone calls to make. I'm grateful to have those conversational skills that can "break the ice" while "taking care of business". I'm grateful things have a way of working out with hard work, persistence and dedication and I'm grateful for answered prayers. I'm immensely grateful our family friend that was in a car accident yesterday is doing ok and I'm grateful for people I've known that have driven me to be a better person. Here's my dad many years ago on the job. He was awesome! I'm grateful for his memory that I hold dear in my heart. November 19, 2016 Even though I don't have a"real job", I'm grateful when weekends come around so I can focus on dishes and laundry and put some of the business items aside for a little while. Well, that is on the weekends we don't have a dance or show to play! Even though we didn't have a gig, I took a few minutes to play guitar and sing a few songs. I'm grateful for this season. Watching football in the afternoon while the sun comes in the south window makes me content and a bit lazy. It's not just football season and the change in the weather, I'm also grateful for the approaching holiday season, for time to be thankful, for time to be with loved ones and for time to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I'm grateful for freedom to believe. I'm grateful this quest has led me down this path where at the end of the day I can reflect on what matters most to me. It's not difficult to find things to be grateful for as long as you have the right outlook. November 20, 2016 I'm grateful we don't always know the reasons why things happen. I believe it makes our faith stronger and our time on earth more productive and carefree. Why or why me are questions we all ask and most of the time we don't get answers. But, it may be the first step in accepting that which we question. I'm grateful for wisdom we only get with age and life experiences. That's a big reason why I'm so close to many that are a few years older, because I've learned so much from their wisdom. Perhaps the most important things I've learned is not to worry and to be happy. So, I'm grateful I have a mindset to remind me of that when I wish I could find answers to why and why me. There is grief in life, it's unavoidable. Somedays it's more present than others. Still I'm grateful. Today was a frustrating day with computers that prevented me from getting enough done. I'm trying to find gratitude for all the other days when things go more right than wrong. Here's an extra prayer for anyone that's asking why or why me. God Bless You! November 21, 2016 I'm grateful for a day to regenerate my soul and regain my perspective and focus. I'm grateful for time to be still and just observe the world around me with objectivity. I had lunch away from home today where I contemplated numerous subjects on my mind. Dining alone, as I have done more often than not, is an opportunity to reassess many things. So, I'm grateful for today's solitude. There I was, alone, in a crowd. I observed children, elderly, construction workers, the NECC men's (very tall) basketball team, people with disabilities, expectant mothers, people wearing shorts, heavy coats, dresses, sweatpants, or work clothes and a variety of ethnicities. After leaving I vowed to be better at being less judgemental and being more accepting. I found myself thinking all these other people are living their lives the way they see fit, I should embrace their individuality. There's no competition in living even though we're all in the same race; human race and life. And, a wise person once told me, "it's not a dress rehearsal". I'm grateful for that advice and I'm grateful for days like today when I can let it soak into my mind and regenerate my soul. November 22, 2016 I'm grateful for the rain we had today and even though it was kinda dreary, I'm grateful for a brighter outlook and a more productive day than I've had the last couple days. I'm grateful for my perseverance in working on my computer to optimize the performance because today I didn't have one bit of trouble with it. So, as frustrating as computers can be, I'm grateful for time well spent yesterday in order to have a better outcome to today's workload. I'm grateful many things are falling into place for thanksgiving and time with family and I'm grateful more things are falling into place for the upcoming winter texas season. I'm grateful for text messages from friends that brighten my day. I'm grateful for my smart phone for a very long list of reasons. 98% of the time, my grateful posts are written on my phone using swype. Technology is amazing. I'm grateful for another day of warmth and safety in my home and I'm grateful for my Rogie. November 23, 2016 On the eve of thanksgiving, I'm thankful for all the memories of past thanksgiving celebrations. I'm especially grateful for those from 30 to 35 years ago when my parents had a house full of kids and grandkids. Mom had an extra stove / oven in the basement for all that was required to cook that large of a meal. Oh, the home made rolls she made were perfect. As if it were yesterday, how fondly I remember everyone crowded into the kitchen just because that's where we always seemed to gather. There was so much love and laughter and I'll always be grateful for those times. In more recent years we've gathered in Colorado at my sister's, Carol Harre Jensen, house and we've made great memories there also. I'm grateful my nieces and nephews enjoy playing board games and I'm hoping maybe they're doing that right now. I'm grateful for safe travels to all the families that are traveling and I'm praying for continued safety throughout the year. I'm grateful for our founding father's and their vision for this country. I'm grateful for everything thanksgiving means to my loved ones and I'm grateful for cranberries. Happy Thanksgiving! S November 24, 2016 Well, it's just past midnight at the end of thanksgiving day. Because our family is getting together tomorrow, Roger and I took advantage of a day at home before our trip to the Sandhills. So, what did we do, alone, on thanksgiving? Well, we put head gaskets in the '50 Caddilac, of course. I'm grateful we had a traditional thanksgiving meal with turkey, dressing, taters and gravy, green bean casserole, cranberries and rolls with just enough leftovers for supper. I'm grateful I was able to make just enough for two. Well, except for the cranberries. I have lots of those leftover 'cause I made a triple batch! I'm grateful Roger was able to get the heads bolted back on and I'm grateful I was able to get some Christmas ideas put together. I'm grateful Roger has been in fine form lately and this afternoon he came in the house with a wig on. I've no idea where he found that! Funny that my friend, Eldon Hardekopf, had a wig on earlier too! I suggested that Roger help me come up with Christmas gift ideas and he suggested we put crushed asphalt in a jar and call it a driveway starter kit. I'm grateful he can still make me laugh! Here's Roger in my office, evidence that I can be a grease monkey when needed and buzz making himself at home in the trunk of the big bad Cad. Peace to you and yours. Safe travels to one and all. Please be careful and aware on the roads and I'd be grateful if you wouldn't text and drive! November 25, 2016 I'm grateful for a safe trip to springview and time spent with Vanessa Kenaston, Dean Lewis, and pretty miss Mia Heyden. We played a few silly games, worked on a puzzle that proved to be quite difficult, had a nice homegrown, pasture fresh burger and time to just be together. For all of that, I'm grateful. Roger fell asleep in the chair at 9 and I fell asleep on the couch around 11:30, so I'm grateful for rest even though I didn't get my late night post written. I'll just be twice as grateful today. I'm grateful I could avoid the black Friday madness. I'm grateful to have more than what I need of just about everything. My closest family and friends have probably heard me say that I'm independently wealthy. How true that really is. Money can't buy happiness, I have enough of all that I need and I'm truly grateful for the riches in my life that money cannot buy. I hope all that read this can feel the same way. As I look ahead to Christmas, I'm going to do my best to give heartfelt, meaningful gifts to others by letting them know how grateful I am to have them in my life